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POS Software

TigerERP is a full accounting software in Bangladesh to manage any kind of retail and wholesale business with multiple warehouse (store) support.This POS software can be integrated to any types of printer (thermal printer, ink printer, laser printer) and barcode scanner.User friendly POS system software can be use in laptop, mobile phone and tablet. User interface design in such a way that it can work in  touch screen display with or without keyboard.This pos system software accessible from anywhere from the world through internet connection. You can track your business like sales reports, purchase reports, inventory quantity and many more. Realtime tracking let you help to improve your business.

Our POS system software always keeps track of your business data and helps you take decisions to make your business successful and profitable. You input all data through POS system software. It is time to reject your old big note books and papers. Don’t waste valuable time to find the business data. You can easily create and manage supplier, purchaser accounts and view their account balance, transaction, order history in a second. In addition Point of sale software also has employee management system with user roles and access permission.Access permission module helps to restricted and allowed anytime for a particular user too. If you have multiple stores and warehouses then the POS system software also can manage multiple store and warehouse management in an easy way.

To make secure, faster and most reliable application hosted in cloud system and monitor regularly.Of course we take regular backup of databases. Don’t take it so difficult. Our dedicated team ready to give you support any time. You have to just make a call , sms or email.


Inventory management software in Bangladesh

This software is very unique compared to other software in the market. It supports multiple units with user defined custom unit.Beside of this you can buy and sell small units to greater units of the same product. Additionally inventory can be categories with many subcategories. You can view reports of the total quantity of buy and sell on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. Moreover you can also check inventory as warehouse or store wise.

POS Software Features

POS System Software features at a glance

User and Employee Management

Separate user role for each employee. Modules can be restricted to particular role. (I.e. a sales register can only sale product, prohibit to access other module)

Stock and Inventory management system

Same product can be sale with multiple unit. Product classified with categories . One category supports many sub categories as well.Reorder quantity remember you to re-purchase the product. Report for Damage product.

Accounting Management System

Employee and party accounts can be create with their previous balance and each party’s account set a maximum amount limitation for transaction. Admin user can view total accounts receivable, accounts payable and other financial information.

Multiple location and Warehouse Management

You can create unlimited stores/warehouses with many rooms. Sell and purchase features can be perform from the central system. You can also view inventories and employees of different warehouses from one central place.

Wholesale and retail management

Very user friendly both for retail and wholesale business. Keeps records small item to large item.

Digital Receipt (SMS and Email)

You can send digital receipt (SMS and email) to customer and supplier. SMS service is very fast and cheap as well.

Regular Backup

Don’t take any risk of your business data. Our software developers regularly backup your databases. Any case of lost data we restore data instantly.

Customer Support

Our expert team is ready to help you any time any moment to give you support related to software.

Works From Anywhere

Don’t need to stay at the same place. Full online application helps you to login from any device and anywhere of the word. You can manage your business from anywhere.

Pos software feature analysis

User Management.

User Roles and permission.

Multiple warehouse.

Stock/Inventory Management



Accounting system

SMS and Email.

Customer and Supplier List.

Category and sub category.

Different kinds of reports.

Barcode and printer support.

Works from anywhere through the internet.

User Friendly UI


POS Software Features

1. User Management

  • Predefined user role- Admin, Managing Director etc.
  • Role management- Add new Role, Edit and delete user role
  • Create Unlimited employees and users as needed.
  • Add, edit, update of employee category.
  • Set different access permission for different users.

2. Inventory Management

  • Create multiple branch for your company
  • Manage update of address and contact info of all branch
  • Create many rooms under a branch
  • Add room number for room
  • Support multiple unit to purchase and sell. Also support two units for the same product.
  • Sales and purchase track by different locations.
  • Stock can be categories and categories can be manages very easily with many sub categories.
  • Create unlimited stock items for your business. Also support reOrder warning quantity. Selling price can be set for each product.

3. Product

  • Set regular selling price and minimum selling price for product
  • Set a minimum order quantity to alert you to order new products from the supplier.


4. Purchase

  • Product can store in different warehouse
  • Discount option
  • Product Batch tracking
  • MFG/EXP date tracking.
  • Simple purchase system.

5. Sale

  • Simple sale graphical user interface
  • Discount option for each product.
  • Ajax base call. You can sell very fast.
  • Stock quantity check before selling a product.


6. Account management

  • Unlimited ledger you can create as your business needs.
  • Ledger follows the financial accounting equation.
  • Ledger accounts can be categories to sort.


7. Manages Vouchers

  • Easily create vouchers
  • Support payment, receipt, contra, expense and journal voucher.
  • Voucher categories in many ways.
  • View all vouchers with the filter option.
  • Voucher can be modify.

8. Reports

  • Sales reports
  • Purchase reports
  • Expense reports
  • Payments reports
  • Stock reports
  • Top selling products

9. Other Feature

  • Set custom time zone
  • Adjustment of stock and accounts
  • Generate barcode
  • Automatic logout after certain time to reduce security risk


Applied Store

Grocery Shop



Clothing and Fashion Store

Electronic and House appliances

Mobile phone and accessories store

Any product based Store

Shoe and Footwear store

Repair Shop

Medicine and Pharmacy Store

Hardware Store

Salon and spa Store


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